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Apr 12, 2024

Skaten Site's own Matrix server

by Skaten Site — last modified Apr 12, 2024 02:20 PM
Filed Under: has strengthened its platform with its own Matrix server, providing a secure, decentralized, and cutting-edge communication experience for skaters worldwide. With end-to-end encryption, conversations, chats, and shared content remain safe and private, away from prying eyes and third parties. Skaten Site's Matrix server is easy to use with browser, desktop, and mobile apps.

Create an aapp.skaten.siteccount at Then navigate to on desktop and log in with your username and password. Desktop (Mac, Windows, and Linux) and mobile (iOS and Android) apps can be downloaded from the Element website.

Skaters are the heart of Skaten Site. With the Matrix server, skaters can easily connect, collaborate, and communicate. Whether you want to share the latest skate video, need advice on a trick, or just want to chat with like-minded skaters, Skaten Site's Matrix server makes it all possible.

Whether you're a beginner skater, a professional shredder, or just an avid spectator, Skaten Site with its own Matrix server provides the perfect place to share, grow, and thrive in your passion. Don't wait any longer!"Get on board and join the adventure, the possibilities, and the fun!